For Survivors

Healing after a sexual assault can be a complex process. You have your own way of coping, but it’s also important to know that some feelings and thoughts after an assault are to be expected and many survivors share them. Feelings and thoughts about a sexual assault can bother you even if it happened a long time ago.

You might be feeling:

  • Distrust: It may take a while to feel like you can trust people again. If you were assaulted by someone you know, you may question your judgment about people. If you were assaulted by a stranger, you may distrust the world.
  • Loss of control: Sexual assault robs you of control over your body, so afterwards, survivors often feel powerless. An important part of healing is feeling that you have choices, and they will be respected.
  • Fear: Sexual assault is frightening, and it is normal to feel scared. Some survivors are especially scared at night or in places like the one in which they were abused or assaulted.

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No one deserves to be sexually assaulted. Call us. We can help.

If you have been recently assaulted, find out what immediate steps you can take.

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